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Omron code list part 1

Omron Vietnam

Product Brand Product Name Product Code
Omron H3JA-8C
Omron Relay kiếng MY2N-220/240 VAC
Omron E2E-X2E2-M1 OMS
Omron PF083A-E
Omron Chân đế P2RF-05
Omron P2RF-08
Omron Relay G2R-2-SN
Omron Air Filter AF40-04
Omron Sensor E2E-X5MF1 PNP-NO
Omron PLC CQM1-OD214
Omron Sensor E2E-X2ME1
Omron Sensor E2E-X2MF2
Omron Limit Switch HL-5030
Omron H3Y-2 AC220 10S
Omron H3Y-2 DC24 1S
Omron Màn hình LCD LQ056A3G01
Omron Amplifler unit with cables, Outpue type NPN E3X-DA21-S
Omron Power supply CQM1-PD026
Omron E52MY-CA6D (2M)
Omron C200HW-BC101-V1
Omron SDV-FH2T DC24
Omron MM2XP-D DC24
Omron MY4N-CR AC100/110
Omron ESD5020-21C10L4
Omron ESDH1T4011-021SN
Omron MY2NJ 220V 5A
Omron MY4NJ 24VDC 5A
Omron E52-IC2GV 1M
Omron Inverter 3G3RV-A2110-V1
Omron Inverter 3G3RV-A2110
Omron E2E-X5-MF1-M1 (E2E-X5MF1-M1)
Omron E5CN-R2MT-500
Omron E5EK-AA2
Omron E5EK-PRR2
Omron E5CS-R1KJ
Omron E32-T22R 2M
Omron E3Z-T86 OMS
Omron I/G System Panel Relay, (Plug in type), my 4, Coil: 24 VDC
Omron MY2N 24VAC
Omron MY4IN 24VDC
Omron PLC CP1L-M60DR-A
Omron CABLE CP1W-CN811
Omron PLC CP1L-M40DR-A
Omron E5CZ-R2MT
Omron G6B-1174P-FD-US-P6B
Omron E3E-X20MD1
Omron ME52
Omron MY4 AC24
Omron MY4 AC100
Omron MY4ZH-DC24
Omron Vietnam
[Address] 33 Hoa Hong 2, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, Vietnam
[Website] http://www.gnnvietnam.com [Phone] +84 8 3517 4923
[Email] contact@gnnvietnam.com [Fax] +84 8 3517 4924
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