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Jumo vietnam, Pressure tranducer, Flow sensor, Level sensor, Humidity, Temperature sensor,ATHs-70/U

brand code
JUMO Vietnam 517133
JUMO Vietnam 603026/2070-1-060-90-0-00-20-13-01-150-15-6/000
model: ATHs-2070
JUMO Vietnam 603026/0202-1-052-15-0-00-20-13-46-120-15-6/000
model: ATHs-22
JUMO Vietnam 603021/70-1-046-00-0-00-30-13-20-400-8-6/574
model: ATHs-70/U
JUMO Vietnam 603026/0170-2-043-15-1000-40-20-13-46-150-15-6/000
model: ATHf-170
JUMO Vietnam model: 702043/88-888-000-23/210
JUMO Vietnam Type : 902820/20
09JAD0856T-02 086
Range : -20-80 °C
JUMO Vietnam 902820/11-415-1001-1-12-150-104-26/362
JUMO Vietnam 902820/11-415-1001-1-12-250-104-26/362
JUMO Vietnam 902820/11-415-1001-1-12-580-104-26/362
JUMO Vietnam 902820/11-415-1001-1-12-700-104-26/362
JUMO Vietnam 902002/20-402-1001-1-9-160-144/000
JUMO Vietnam part no.: 00590364
Order code: 402050/000-457-415-612-20-61/000
JUMO Vietnam part no.: 00452624
Order code:701540/831-02-061
JUMO Vietnam part no.: 00456352
Order code:PC interface with converter USB/TTL
JUMO Vietnam Alternative item
JUMO part no.: 00419998
Order code:Setup program eTRON T, eTRON M, di eco
JUMO Vietnam 701160/8-0153-001-23
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00532913
Order code:
JUMO Vietnam PSA 605055 Ex-Aufbauthermostat
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00430782
Order code:901110/20-1043-24-710-671-93/331
JUMO Vietnam 901110/20-1043-24-710-671-94/331(0..1200C)
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00413417
Order code: 902020/10-415-1001-1-9-160-104/000
JUMO part no.: 43008702
Order code:401001/000-455-405-523-20-601-61/000
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 43009198
Order code: 404366/000-455-405-523-20-61/000
JUMO Vietnam 901110/20-1043-24-710-671-93/331
JUMO Vietnam 902020/10-402-1011-1-9-400-138/000
JUMO Vietnam part no.: 00413011
Order code: 902030/10-402-1011-1-6-100-104/000
JUMO Vietnam 608520/2110-818-02-2000-843-10-105-96-46-110-21/426
JUMO Vietnam 608520/2110-818-02-2000-843-10-105-96-46-385-21/426
JUMO Vietnam 608520/2110-818-02-2000-843-10-105-96-46-485-21/426
JUMO Vietnam 608520/2110-818-02-4000-843-10-105-96-46-485-21/426
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