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Jumo vietnam, Pressure tranducer, Flow sensor, Level sensor, Humidity, Temperature sensor,703041/181-400-23/000

brand code
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0199   703011/50-001-112-001-23-061
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0200   703011/10-001-112-101-23/061
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0201   703041/181-400-23/000
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0202   703041/181-200-23/000
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0203   PT100 40-50MM
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0204   902005/10 T100 90MM
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0205   902004/20-380-1003-2-8-50-104
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0206   602021/0002-028-1000-40-10-00-
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0207   CTI-920 TYP:202752/21-107/000
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0208   ATHS-SW-2  230VAC 10A
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0209   603035/002-1-046-50-0-00-30-45
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0210   902002/20402100319160106330
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0211   KM-70/U  TN60001545  1002706
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0212   TYPE:202731/01-012/000000
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0213   707032/880-001-005/000
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0214   401010/000-000-405-541-20-01/0
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0215   ATHs-2 0-100°C60.3021 G1/2A
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0216   TN:0088363     000387222300642
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0217   GMBH GO GK 703041/81-300-23/
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0218   201020/51-10-07-120/837 840
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0219   202822/613-048-26
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0220   201025/51-22-07-22-120/837
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0221   202822/613-048-262992-2(10)-0
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0222   404366/999-459-405-613-20-610-
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0223   4355/242/011/043/091
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0224   902005/10-386-1001-1-9-300-
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0225   902005/10-386-1001-1-9-150-
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0226   902005/10-386-1001-1-9-100-
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0227   902005/10-386-2001-1-9-150-
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0228   902005/10-386-2001-1-9-100-104
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0229   TN60002068 548953
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0230   8520-23-10 0-120 60/00421505
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0231   ATHs-2 0-100℃
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0232   902103/10-01146319-010-0738-00
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0233   902103/10-01145158-010-0734-00
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0234   TYP.EMF-233.TN60000093
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0235   703570/081-1100-110000-23-00/
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0236   ATH-2070 603026/2070 1506/000
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0237   ATH-202 TN:6001718 1262059
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0238   09JAD1257T-011*PT100 0-100
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0239   09JAD1257T-02 1*PT100  0-1200
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0240   703041/181-300-23/00
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0241   CTI-750 202756/15-607-0000-82/
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0242   902005/40-390-1001
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0243   PT100 0..100TYPE902002/10 PYOD
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0244   202756/15-617-0000-82/767
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0245   902002/10 TN:90451834
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0246   404328-412-405-570-26-61
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0247   404328-415-405-570-26-61
Jumo Vietnam JUMO-0248   202925/1000-0000-106-17-87-84/
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