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Jumo vietnam, Pressure tranducer, Flow sensor, Level sensor, Humidity, Temperature sensor,part no.: 00548736

brand code
JUMO Vietnam 608425/0110-818-00-0000-913-10-104-26-100-02/000
JUMO Vietnam PSA Zeigerkontaktthermometer Kl. 1,0
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00357462
Order code:
JUMO Vietnam part no: 60001555
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00548736
Order code:701150/8-01-0253-2001-23/005
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00506382
Order code:701160/8-0153-001-23-064
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00540994
Order code:902030/10-380-1003-1-6-150-104/330,
JUMO Vietnam 902020/10-402-1001-1-9-45-104/306,331
JUMO Vietnam 701530/888-23
di32 48x24mm/universal input
AC 110..240V +10/-15%,48..63Hz
JUMO Vietnam 404366/000-461-405-512-20-61/000
JUMO Vietnam 902030/80-378-1003-1-8-50-104/330
JUMO Vietnam
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0109   B70.3030 703030/40-052-111-00
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0110   86103/91730800
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0111   91730820
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0112   91730811
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0113   202630/50-0200/000 0-2ppm
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0114   902002/10-402-1011-1-11-160-13
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0115   902002/10-402-1011-1-11-250-13
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0116   902002/10-402-2001-1-9-40-104
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0117   657751
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0118   115 504 20 61
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0119   752899
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0120   WZ-RX-A2F1
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0121   KM-70/U  TN60001544 657751
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0122   ATH-70 /N2  TN60002086 752899
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0123   EM-50
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0124   701140-0153-001-22-000
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0125   (951531)701531/888-23 AC 110-2
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0126   703041/181-000-25/000,061
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0127   405052-000-459-470-576-20-36-0
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0128   405052-000-459-470-523-20-36-0
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0129   TYP:AMTHF-23 T60 1K/MIN
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0130   405052/000-459-475-504-20-36-0
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0131   4341-010/011/076
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0132   ATHF-SW 270
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0133   MIDAS SI 40 1006/000
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