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Jumo vietnam, Pressure tranducer, Flow sensor, Level sensor, Humidity, Temperature sensor, 90.239-F22

brand code
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0134   901820-440D/1043-11-600-999-26
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0135   90.239-F22
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0136   DICON 500
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0137   ER8 type B70.03564
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0138   70.1140/8888-888-04/064
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0139   602031/81-043-000-00-2000
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0140   404382
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0141   8523-22-10    RANGE:0-160℃
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0142   608504/2160-818-02-3000-873-8
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0143   70 2044/99-999-000-23/210.061
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0144   701050/811-31-200..600℃
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0145   PN.703570/082-1110-111150-23/
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0146   ETH-70 MAX(150-7)C  STB 80088
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0147   401010/000-461-405-511-20-601-
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0148   401010/000-461-405-511-20-604-
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0149   ATH-70  00  9381060100538
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0150   ATH-SW-22
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0151   701531
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0152   ATH-SW-0707
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0153   703043/191-444/23/000,000
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0154   603035-0202-02-025-15-1000-40
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0155   701160/8-0153/001/25
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0156   902105/10,IXPT1000,-50-260C
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0158   TYA:432-100/30  660
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0159   DPRANSP30
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0160   608523/1010-814-00-0-913
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0161   901221/20-1043-6-400-000
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0162   901221/20-1043-6-300-000
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0163   202752/21-607/110
JUMO Vietnam
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0164   202756/15-607-000-82-767
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0165   202752/21-607/11
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0166   ATH-70    MAX:300-13°C
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0167   401001/999 0-16bar SAACKE
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0168   IMGO 500 type:703590、282-888
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0169   608523/2210-826-04-3000-891-15
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0170   701130/0253-0002/205
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0171   703041/181-120-33/000
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0172   608532
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0173   DTRON16.1
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0174   CT1-750
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0175   PT100/TNTC202924/10/001
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0176   TYP STMA-1 TN00405772
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0177   201025/51220722120/837
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0178   201020/75-12-07/7120/840
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0179   401001/000-999-420-562-20-604
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0180   401006/000 10-30V 0-500PSI
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0181   MIDAS SI 0.0-200.0psi
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0182   702074/8/-1134-23-00
JUMO Vietnam JUMO-0183   401001/000-460-415-502-20-601-
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