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Jumo vietnam, Pressure tranducer, Flow sensor, Level sensor, Humidity, Temperature sensor.707030/880-003-005/000a

brand code
JUMO Vietnam 902020/10-415-1001-1-9-160-104/000
JUMO Vietnam dTrans T03 J
Type: 707030/880-003-005/000
JUMO Vietnam 401050/000-999-405-593-68-601-11
measurment range: 0-3 bar
notes: cable not included
JUMO Vietnam EMF-1 0..200°C 2,5% A 2000mm 6x114mmCu +W1
JUMO Vietnam 506382
Tempearture limiter
JUMO Vietnam 514193
JUMO Vietnam 456352
PC interface withconveter USB/TTL
JUMO Vietnam 24043660
Pressure transmitter
Jumo dTrans p30
JUMO Vietnam JUMO CTI-750
Type: 202756/15-607-0-82/767
JUMO Vietnam 702043/88-888-000-23-210
Jumo Vietnam  Vietnam Type: 602021/0002-064-000-00-1000-40-10-00-0
basic type: EM – 2
Control/limit ranged: +50 to + 300 oC
Capillary length: 1000mm
Material of capillary: Cu
Probe diameter: 6mm
Jumo Vietnam  Vietnam type: 401001/000-459-405-502-20-601-61/000
Input: 0…10bar
Process connection: G1/4
Electrical connection: terminal box
Jumo Vietnam Vietnam PSA 605055 Ex-Aufbauthermostat
JUMO part no.: 43008702
Order code:401001/000-455-405-523-20-601-61/000
Jumo Vietnam Vietnam part no.: 00413011
Order code: 902030/10-402-1011-1-6-100-104/000
Jumo Vietnam Vietnam 608520/2110-818-02-4000-843-10-105-96-46-485-21/426
Jumo Vietnam Vietnam 901110/20-1043-24-710-671-94/331(0..1200C)
Jumo Vietnam 404366/000-466-406-502-20-61/000
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00577218
Order code:902020/10-402-1001-1-9-220-104/330(0..350)
JUMO Vietnam part no.: 00544540
Jumo Vietnam 202756/15-607-0-82/767,941
Jumo Vietnam part no.: 60000220
Order code:
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