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Elap Vietnam Absolute Encoder MEM

Single and multiturn encoders

The magnetic absolute encoder MEM reaches high acceleration and speed values thanks to its innovative electronic construction technology. The new technology – involving no mechanical gear – also grants the instrument a long life.

The encoders series MEM can be supplied in single or in multiturn version, with high resolution values: up to 13 bits info/revolution (corresponding to 8192 info/rev.) x 15 bits rev. (corresponding to 32768 rev.), in binary or Gray code.

The multiturn encoders provide the SSI serial output signal, while the singleturn type offer two output options: SSI or push pull parallel signal.

Several mechanical versions are available to satisfy all application requirements: round flange, square flange, hollow shaft, with different options for the shaft diameter and connection position and type.

Technical specifications

  • Resolution 5 ÷ 13 bits info/rev. x 15 bits rev.,
  • Binary or Gray code
  • 5V SSI serial output – Optional: push-pull parallel output (singleturn type only)
  • 5/28Vdc supply 1.2 W
  • Max frequency 100 KHz
  • Connection outlet: 12-pin axial or radial connector including flying tap or 8-wire axial or radial cable 1 m long
  • Data memory > 21 years
  • Aluminium case
  • Several configurations available
  • Protection degree IP64 – Optional IP65
  • Electronic reset function
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