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Jumo vietnam, Pressure tranducer, Flow sensor, Level sensor, Humidity, Temperature sensor,model: ATHs-70/U

brand code
Jumo Vietnam 603026/0202-1-052-15-0-00-20-13-46-120-15-6/000
model: ATHs-22
Jumo Vietnam 603021/70-1-046-00-0-00-30-13-20-400-8-6/574
model: ATHs-70/U
Jumo Vietnam 603026/0170-2-043-15-1000-40-20-13-46-150-15-6/000
model: ATHf-170
JUMO Vietnam 701160/8-0153-001-23
JUMO Vietnam Type : 902820/20
09JAD0856T-02 086
Range : -20-80 °C
Jumo Vietnam PSA 605055 Ex-Aufbauthermostat
Jumo Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00430782
Order code:901110/20-1043-24-710-671-93/331
Jumo Vietnam 901110/20-1043-24-710-671-94/331(0..1200C)
Jumo Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00413417
Order code: 902020/10-415-1001-1-9-160-104/000
JUMO part no.: 43008702
Order code:401001/000-455-405-523-20-601-61/000
Jumo Vietnam JUMO part no.: 43009198
Order code: 404366/000-455-405-523-20-61/000
Jumo Vietnam 901110/20-1043-24-710-671-93/331
Jumo Vietnam 902020/10-402-1011-1-9-400-138/000
JUMO Vietnam Code
JUMO Vietnam 603026/2070-1-060-90-0-00-20-13-01-150-15-6/000
model: ATHs-2070
JUMO Vietnam 603026/0202-1-052-15-0-00-20-13-46-120-15-6/000
model: ATHs-22
JUMO Vietnam 603021/70-1-046-00-0-00-30-13-20-400-8-6/574
model: ATHs-70/U
JUMO Vietnam 603026/0170-2-043-15-1000-40-20-13-46-150-15-6/000
model: ATHf-170
JUMO Vietnam model: 702043/88-888-000-23/210
JUMO Vietnam Type : 902820/20
09JAD0856T-02 086
Range : -20-80 °C
JUMO Vietnam 902820/11-415-1001-1-12-150-104-26/362
JUMO Vietnam 902820/11-415-1001-1-12-250-104-26/362
JUMO Vietnam 902820/11-415-1001-1-12-580-104-26/362
JUMO Vietnam 902820/11-415-1001-1-12-700-104-26/362
JUMO Vietnam 902002/20-402-1001-1-9-160-144/000
JUMO Vietnam part no.: 00590364
Order code: 402050/000-457-415-612-20-61/000
JUMO Vietnam part no.: 00452624
Order code:701540/831-02-061
JUMO Vietnam part no.: 00456352
Order code:PC interface with converter USB/TTL
JUMO Vietnam Alternative item
JUMO part no.: 00419998
Order code:Setup program eTRON T, eTRON M, di eco
JUMO Vietnam 701160/8-0153-001-23
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00532913
Order code:
JUMO Vietnam PSA 605055 Ex-Aufbauthermostat
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00430782
Order code:901110/20-1043-24-710-671-93/331
JUMO Vietnam 901110/20-1043-24-710-671-94/331(0..1200C)
JUMO Vietnam JUMO part no.: 00413417
Order code: 902020/10-415-1001-1-9-160-104/000

Keller Vietnam Pressure Transducer Series 3L to 10L

OEM Pressure Transducer Series 3 L to 10 L

Series 3L…10L, a new range of transducers that benefit from smaller capsule dimensions and crevice free diaphragms. Keller has developed a new technique for laser welding very thin stainless steel media isolation diaphragms. The smaller crevice free transducers still retain all the traditional performance, stability, and quality, for which Keller is renowned.
Each transducer is supplied with a calibration sheet indicating sensitivity, linearity, zero offset, temperature errors and the compensation resistors to substantially reduce zero offset and zero temperature errors.
With the laser welded technology, transducers having diameters as low as 9,5 mm can be realised. Diameter is to some extent dependent upon the pressure range measured, low pressures require larger diameters, higher pressures can be achieved with smaller diameters. This is due to the expansion of the oil under temperature that creates an internal pressure due to the resistance of the diaphragm. The smaller the diameter, the higher the internal pressure and the more difficult is the zero compensation.

Pressure Ranges -1…1000 bar (abs./rel.)
–> see data sheet
Dimensions 3 L: ø 9,5 x 4,2 mm
10 L: ø 19 x 15 mm
–> others see data sheet
Accuracy typ. 0,25 %FS, max. 0,5 %FS


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