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Nikkiso Vietnam Non-seal Pump (Canned motor pump)

NIKKISO NON-SEAL Pump (Canned motor pump)


Standard Semi-Standard
Max. Capacity 780m³/h (3,430 gpm) 1200m³/h (5,280 gpm)
Max. Head 300m (984ft) 600m (1,970ft)
Fluid Temp. Range -60 to 350°C (-76 to 662°F) -200 to 450°C (-328 to 842°F)
Specific Gravity Range 0.3 to 2.0 Max. 13.6
Max. Viscosity 200mPas(200cP) 500mPas(500cP)
Max. Working Pressure 4 MPa (600 psig) 80 MPa (11,600psig)
Liquid End Material SUS316, SUS304
  • Alloy 20
  • Hastelloy C/B
  • Titanium
  • Zirconium etc.
Motor Power Range 0.4 to 200kW (0.5 to 268hp) 200 to 270kW (268 to 360hp)

Internal Flow (Circulation)

Internal Flow (Circulation)

Low Lifecycle Costs

The need for global environmental protection requires us to conduct lifecycle assessment and reduce lifecycle costs, which are calculated for the entire product life ranging from initial expenses to running and even disposal costs. Nikkiso non-seal pumps achieve these cost reductions by:

  • reducing unnecessary inspection and maintenance costs by accurate prediction of inspection and maintenance times using the E monitor
  • reducing running costs by lowering power capacity and consumption based on the use of higher efficiency pumps and motors
  • reducing utility costs by using models that don’t require cooling

Head-Capacity Envelope

50Hz 60Hz
QH? (50HZ) QH? (60HZ)
Nikkiso Vietnam – Thailand – Cambodia – Singapore – China
[Address] 33 Hoa Hong 2, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, Vietnam
[Website] [Phone] +84 8 3517 4923
[Email] [Fax] +84 8 3517 4924
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Nikkiso code list part 1

Nikkiso Vietnam

Product Brand Product Name Product Code
Nikkiso Baffle Sleeve P2-45 P/N: SL01UT02
Nikkiso DIAPHRAGM 002A
Nikkiso Gasket P2-81 P/N:GK01UT03
Nikkiso Gearbox Baffle P2-44 P/N:BA09UT01
Nikkiso Gearbox Gasket P2-7 P/N:GK01UT01
Nikkiso Gearbox Mechanical Seal Code:P2-30 P/N:SE04UT01UC1
Nikkiso Gearbox Oil Shroud P2-16 P/N: SH10UT01
Nikkiso O RING Y12A
Nikkiso O RING Y52K
Nikkiso O RING Y72A
Nikkiso O RING Y12H
Nikkiso O RING Y12J
Nikkiso O RING Y12R
Nikkiso O RING Y62E
Nikkiso O RING Y62J
Nikkiso O-Ring Packing P2-28 P/N:14-069UA
Nikkiso O-Ring Packing P2-58 P/N: 14-052UA
Nikkiso O-Ring Packing P2-117 P/N: 14-161UA
Nikkiso O-Ring Packing P2-201 P/N:14-069UA
Nikkiso Pump Mechanical Seal P2-77 P/N:SE04UT12G1D7UC
Nikkiso Seal Rotating Face P2-25 P/N: RJ09UT01RJ
Nikkiso Vietnam
[Address] 33 Hoa Hong 2, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, Vietnam
[Website] [Phone] +84 8 3517 4923
[Email] [Fax] +84 8 3517 4924
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