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Nuova Fima Vietnam Pressure Gauges for Very High Pressure

An innovative product for the “water jet” technology
The technology “water jet” with very high–pressure (> 15,000 psi) is mainly employed on water–cutting equipment, Hydro–blasting, Hydro–cleaning and Hydro–demolition.
In these devices the water is compressed to high pressure and with the addition of abrasives, it permits the cutting plastics, glasses, stones and metals up to 15 cm (6”) thickness.
For all equipment that utilizes this technology New Fima has designed specific gauges that, in addition to excellent reliability and proven accuracy, offers:
Nuova Fima’s pressure gauges for this technology are built with a bourdon tube made in DUPLEX ST.ST. ALLOY which is a stainless steel double structure (austenitic–ferritic), which provides a resistance to chloride corrosion even higher than austenitic AISI 316L.
§ Ranges from 2,000 bar to 4,000 bar (from 30,000 to 60,000 psi)
§ Process connection 9/16 18UNF–2B (1/4 HP) and M16 X 1,5
§ Solid–front enclosure
§ Accuracy ± 1% of full scale value.
They are available in two model:
§ MSG 22, enclosure, dial diameter 100 – 150 (4” and 6”)
§ MGS 32, Fiberglas reinforced polyamide turret case, dial diameter 4”1/2
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